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Past Projects:

Georgetown Construction has many satisfied clients and you could be the next one!  Here is just a sampling of some of the different scopes of work and project amounts we have experienced lately.  Although we have completed many more contracts than shown, this list is a sampling of projects that we have performed recentlymost with values starting around $400k on up to a complete reconstruction project up Franklin St which was contract value of $8,000,000.


Worden Street

Engineer: Moore and Bruggink, Inspected and Supervised by City of Grand Rapids Engineering.  Contract Value 1,700,000


Grand Rapids CSO 28B

Designed by Black and Veatch, Inspected and Supervised by Fishbeck.  Contact Value 3,900,000.


MDOT Leonard Street Reconstruction

Engineer: FTC&H.  Customer: MDOT/City of Grand Rapids.  Contract Value $6,700,000.


Grand Rapids, CSO 27

Engineer: Moore and Bruggink.  Customer: City of Grand Rapids, Contract Value: $9,782,000.


Cascade Ridges

Large Scale Sitework project for CD Barnes, with Scope in excess of 3,500,000


CSO 20 Sewer Improvements

Engineer: Black and Veatch for the City of Grand Rapids.  Contract Value:$1,676,500


Planters Row #6

Engineer: Nederveld for JCB Development.

Earth Work and platted street construction.  Contract Value: $555,540


City Of Sturgis

Engineer Flies and Vandenbrink Site work for sewer treatment plant contract value: 929,000



Kraft Ave Reconstruction

Full Reconstruction for MDOT Contract Value 1,387,000


Beacon Blvd. Grand Haven, MI

Engineer: FTC&H Utility work along Beacon Blvd. Contract Value: 616,000


Ionia Ave.

Enigneer: FTC&H for the City of Grand Rapids.  Contract Value $2,453,700

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